Cassette Cycle

Old Cassettes + Ingenuity = Sleek, Modern Home Decor

You'll be amazed at what you can do with a few old cassette tapes!

The idea for Cassette-Cycle came from trying to find a new use for cassettes that friends had given me that I couldn't use to make the Cassette Tape Clutches.   My first Cassette-Cycle projects were pen holders and glow lamps.    See below for more exciting cassette projects!


Cassette Tape Tote Bag

--  Fully functional large purse tote.
--Made from 27 clear cassette tapes and 75 zip ties.  
--Fits wallets, books, and anything else needed to go on the town!
--Very durable and practical!


Cassette Tape Pen Holder

-   Made from 4 cassette tapes arranged in a square shape on a thick, beveled wooden base.
-  Tapes are selected by grouping artists, bands or kinds of music.
‚Äč-Fits pens, thick highlighters and markers, rulers, hand tools, etc.


Desk Storage Caddy

   - Made from 4 cassette tapes arranged around an upcycled ceramic tile.

-Great for office supplies, remotes, paper clips/rubber bands and other small items. 

-Stackable and will be built as a modular storage unit in the future.


Cassette Tape Glow Lamp

-  Made from 16 clear cassette tapes arranged in columns of 4 on an upcycled ceramic tile.
-  Battery-operated push button lights inside lamp provide bright lights through the clear tapes.
-  Modern and unique!
- Great as a night light or for dim spots you'd like to brighten up!


Cassette Tape Dollhouse



-  Made from 75 clear cassette tapes arranged in a modern design style home.
-  2 stories, furnished and complete with kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, a sewing room and bathroom.
-  Inside is lighted with battery operated push button lights and glow through the clear finish of the tapes!
-  Specifically designed exactly to be sound, sturdy and solid.
-Honorable Mention award at 2018 Erie County Fair Creative Arts Dollhouse Competition!
-Also called the "Glass House" because of the transparent cassette tapes.   Not made of real glass!

Dining Room       . \


Under Construction Photos