Cassette Bags



2 boxes of old cassettes + sleek design - garbage can = Cassette Tape Purses

My cassette tape purses were born from a cassette collection that was headed for the garbage and from my need for a sleekly-designed and well-made clutch purse.  I was tired of the usual bag and wallet, and wanted a really cool bag that I could look forward to carrying.  

Eight months pregnant with my son and chair-bound, I started thinking about how I would also love to see a bag that was perfectly designed in shape and style.  I happened to have some cassettes on my desk at the time, I took a look at it and the two thoughts completed each other, making up the very first cassette tape clutch!


The very first Cassette Tape Clutch, 2010

I started designing and experimenting with the 20 or so cassettes from my original collection that was set to be thrown away on the next garbage day.   I loved how I could take my favorite albums with me wherever I went and have some fun small talk with those who noticed my bag. 

The basic clutch design have been made into many different bags besides regular clutches, including change purses, cross-body shoulder bags, phone cases and tablet cases of all sizes.  My cassette tape and video game bags have been sold worldwide and have even had the honor to meet some of the rock stars they salute!  



All my cassette bags are entirely handmade and sewn by me.  I make every part of the bag, including the fabric print, inside card pocket lining, etc.  A sneak peek of how they are made.  To this day, I still love carrying these and telling their stories!