Rubber Heart Change Purse made from Recycled Halloween Decor Limited Edition Heart Wallet Gruesome Scary Halloween Purse Halloween Wallet



Rubber Heart Change Purse made from Recycled Halloween Decor Heart Organ Wallet Gruesome Scary Halloween Purse Halloween Wallet. Limited edition release. Vinyl Rubber change purse made from heart organ Halloween decor.

Put your heart on your sleeve (literally!) when you use this unique change purse to tote around all your essentials this Halloween season. This bag shows off all of the various parts of the human heart and as such may not be for the faint of "heart". Dare to be different and uniquely cool! When I carry this around town, I get a lot of compliments!

**This is a limited edition bag! The hearts I use are only available for a limited time in limited quantities. Once they're gone, they're gone until next Halloween. Get yours now!

-Measures approximately 7" long.

-Dark red in color. Heart veins are blue.

-Realistically detailed with all parts of the human heart.

-Made from repurposing a hollow piece of rubber/vinyl Halloween decor.

-Fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for easy, lug-free carrying!

-Fits a great deal of change, cash and small essentials like jewelry, hair bands and more.

-Matching red zipper on back of purse.

-Heavy duty rubber/vinyl that repels water and is durable when dropped.

Perfect as part of a Halloween costume, for those in the medical profession or for those who are fascinated by the wonders of the human body.

Great for carrying a little bit of change and money to places where a regular size purse or wallet may be impractical or inconvenient. No one will guess it is a purse until you tell them!

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